Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Family

Happy Family
869 Wilcox

With Montebello being so close to Monterey Park and all the great Chinese restaurant, I figured it would be tough to find a good Chinese restaurant in Montebello. But to my surprise, Happy Family is a very good Chinese restaurant. It's not the most authentic but it does serve very good food.

The first picture has chicken chow mein, $7.95. There wasn't as much chicken but the noodles were tender and cooked just right. There was also cabbage and bean sprouts. The chicken was tender and it was mostly white meat. But I didn't think there was that much chicken. They certainly could have included more chicken.

The second picture is shrimp and lobster sauce, $7.95. This dish had peas, carrots, mushrooms, and a nice gravy. I think one of the best shrimp and lobster sauce I've had. The shrimps were huge and they gave you a large amount. My favorite dish of the three.

The last dish is vegetable fried rice, $5.45. The fried rice had no soy sauce at all which is weird. But it was good. There were bean sprout, broccoli, green onions, and some eggs. The rice was a bit dry but I solved that by topping it off with the shrimp and lobster sauce.

This was a take out order. Service was good. My order was ready when I asked for it. The person who took my phone order, didn't speak English that well but good enough not to make any mistakes on the order.

I would go back to Happy Family, next time I will eat in the restaurant. The food held up remarkably well. After picking up the order, we went to the LA Zoo to catch the shuttle to the Hollywood Bowl, where we had a wonderful dinner. So in that hour's time frame the food was still good and fresh.