Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Claro's-San Gabriel

1003 East Valley Blvd
San Gabriel

I know I did a review of the Claro's in West Covina, but I wanted to try the original Claro's in San Gabriel. So I decided to have lunch there.

At the deli custom made sandwiches includes your choice of three meats and one cheese. I had the large, corned beef, roast beef, and turkey with mild cheddar cheese sandwich for $5.49. The sandwich came with mayo, lettuce and tomato. The sandwich is just too dry. They need to put more mayo or something. The meat is cut so thin, it would make Victoria Secret blush. The lettuce and tomato were fresh and the bread was soft and had a wonderful crust. But the meat and cheese make a sandwich and at Claro's the meet and cheese are below average. I will not order another sandwich from Claro's again.

As I was going to the pay, I saw them selling pizza by the slice, $1.25. So I decide to give their pizza a try. The pizza was filled with sausage and cheese but it was dry too. Not nearly enough pizza sauce. The crust was a bit on the chewy, dry, side.

As for service, I've seen turles go faster. First let me say the workers behind the deli counter are very nice people. But they are sooo slow. I must have waited 30-40 minutes, from the time I got in line and I finally got my sandwich. There were TWO, TWO people ahead of me in line. They didn't order that much, a couple meats and cheeses. But still it took forever.

I would not go back to Claro's. The sandwiches are just too dry and I know I can get better meat and cheeses at other places for a much better price.