Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thai Bamboo Bistro

Thai Bamboo Bistro
6715 S. Quail Hill Parkway

I find most ethnic restaurants in the Orange Curtain to be very Americanized. Now all ethinic foods are "Americanized" to a certain degree. But for the white bread people of the Orange Curtain, it has to cater to their tastes.

I ordered the chicken satay ($6) and the spicy shrimp soup ($12) The chicken satay was pretty tender and had some flavor. It wasn't anything special but wasn't bad.

The spicy shrimp soup, called Tom Yum Soup with shrimp wasn't as good as other Thai places I've been to like Ocha's. It had tomatoes, baby corn, bamboo shoots, and overcooked shrimp. It wasn't spicy even though I asked for an 8 on the spice scale.

Service was good. I was seated quickly and I got the order quickly.

I wouldn't go back to Thai Bamboo Bistro. Too Americanized. Too expensive for average food.