Monday, June 25, 2007

Taylor's Steakhouse

Taylor's Steakhouse
23361 West 8th St.
Los Angeles

Ever have high expectations about a restaurant? How do you feel when those expectations aren't met? Well I had high expectations about Taylor's Steakhouse. Many people have told me that Taylor's is one of the best steakhouses in LA. So I finally go there to see what the hype is all about. Well I found out that Taylor's is all hype. Taylor's is an old fashioned steakhouse, complete with red vinyl booths and very low lighting.

I made 7:30pm reservations. They seated us even though we were about 15 minutes early. So a good start. The hostess walked us to the upstairs dining room. But the location of our table was terrible. It was like they found an extra space and figured they would put a table there. Right above me was a shelve that had nothing on it but was so low, I had to be careful not to hit my head on it, every time I got up. I should have asked to move but I didn't. So that is my fault.

The waiter takes our order and I ask for the NY steak, medium rare. The steak quickly arrives and I'm impressed with the size. I cut into the steak and it's cooked just right on the inside. But outside is a little charred. Not a big fan of tasting charred steak. But the steakhouse wasn't anything outstanding. It wasn't the most tender or flavorful. It wasn't anything special and sure as hell wasn't worth the $28 price. I think I could have had a better steak if I bought a prime grade steak and put it on the grill. And it wouldn't have cost $28 to make.

Service was acceptable. But our server had such a heavy accent, I could barely understand him. I realize that LA is being overtaken by Spanish speaking people. But I would think at least Taylor's could hire people who spoke English better. But he did his job. Again nothing outstanding but nothing bad either.

I'm not saying that Taylor's is bad but it's nothing great and certainly not the best steakhouse in LA. I would not go back to Taylor's. As I've said I think I could do much better if I made the steak myself.