Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wood Ranch-Anaheim Hills

Wood Ranch
8022 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd
Anaheim, CA

The snobs on Chowhound rip Wood Ranch. But I love this place. Ok it's not a true BBQ restaurant. The meats are cooked in an oven. But they cook the meats well. They give you good portions are fair prices. The service is good. This is much better than an overpriced place like Houston.

I got the BBQ combo, for tri tip and baby back ribs, $18.95 with mac and cheese and veggies as my two sides. Sorry but the sides were in another container and I didn't take a picture of them.

The tri-tip at Wood Ranch is one of my favorites. Very tender, juicy and flavorful, even without the BBQ sauce. As you can see, they give you a big portion.

Their baby back ribs are nice and meaty. Of course they are cooked in an oven but they do it well. The BBQ sauce is on the sweet side but it adds good flavor to their meats.

Of course this was take out and service was good. I was greeted quickly and they took my order promply. They are very friendly and helpful, making sure I had everything, napkins, forks, etc before they handed me the order.

I would go back to Wood Ranch again. Good sized portions, good food, and good service will always get my return business. The only thing I don't like about Wood Ranch is, at times, there can be a very long wait for a table.

Update: May 15, 2008

I went back and ate at Wood Ranch in Anaheim Hills. The picture shows the two item combo with baby back ribs and tri tip. Very good and even better since it came right out of the kitchen. Wood Ranch always serves quality food.

The server was average but one thing I was very impressed with, was he asked to see my ID when I used my credit car. Not many restaurants ask for ID. They need to.