Tuesday, May 01, 2007

City Broiler-Closed

City Broiler
12959 Peyton Dr.
Chino Hills

City Broiler just opened up in Chino Hills. Finally what seems like a non chain restaurant opening in Chino Hills.

The menu is filled with about medium priced entrees. I ordered the calamari, $9, and the large scallops, $18, with fresh fruit and steamed veggies. I calamari came in a tortilla shell and was one of the nicest presentations I've seen. I'm not big on presentation but this one caught my attention. Very nice. The calamari was crunchy and very tender. A good price and value. I was impressed.

I was also impressed with the large scallops. They were charbroiled and tasted great. Again, seafood should not smell. There was no smell at all. Just fresh, tender great tasting scallops. The veggies had too much zuccini for my tastes but they were good, tender, and crispy. The fresh fruit was watermelon, honeydrew, and canteloupe. Nothing really special about them.

Service was pretty good. They did a good job training the servers. They were attentive and helpful. We weren't lacking for anything.

I would go back to City Broiler anytime. It's kind of on the pricey side but the portions are big and the food is very good. A nice addition and improvement from the chain restaurants that are all over Chino Hills.