Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pitfire Pizza-LA-Closed

Pitfire Pizza
108 W 2nd St.

Too bad California Pizza Kitchen is more well known than Pitfire Pizza. Because for gourmet style pizza, Pitfire Pizza is the place to be.

Located near the LA Times building, in an area that's being redeveloped, Pitfire pizza has great gourmet pizza at good prices.

The pizza are a personal size, about 10 inches. Pictured is the Pitfire sausage, $9.75 and the Big Sur, $9.75. The Pitfire sausage has sweet fennel sausage, tomatoes, red onions bel paese, fontina and mozzarella cheese. All the toppings are fresh, top quality items. They make a wonderful combination on a pizza. The sausage is unlike any I've had on a pizza. Like they said, it's sweet sausage, not the spicy sausage some places use.

My favorite pizza by far at Pitfire is the Big Sur, which has garlic shrimp scampi, four cheese blend, tomatoes, basil and lemon zest. What a wonderful combination. The shrimp scampi is awesome. Sweet tender shrimp scampi, that many Italian restaurants would love to have on their menu. I get this pizza every time I go to Pitfire and it's great every time.

Service is OOOOKKK. Pitfire is the type of place were you order at the counter and they take bring your pizza to your table. I've been to Pitfire about five times and ordering the pizza is fine, getting the pizza is fine, but when asking for box to take leftovers, they are very rude about it. Two times I've gotten a styrofoam box with the three compartments. What gets me is I asked for a box for my PIZZA and I made it a point that I wanted a box for pizza.

I would go back to Pitfire anytime. I want to try their North Hollywood and Westwood locations to compare the pizza and service.