Sunday, April 29, 2007


2352 N. Lake Ave

Fox's hold a special meaning for me. This is the first place where my girlfriend and I went out to eat. We went hiking in Pasadena and wanted to get something to eat and she took me to Fox's.

This is a small place but it's gets really busy on weekends, because they serve good quality food at good prices.

I got the two eggs, three strips of bacon, fresh fruit and wheat toast, $6.75. How can they serve such good food at good prices? I ordered the eggs over medium and they were cooked to perfection. Very nicely done. The bacon was crisp yet chewy, which I love. The best bacon around. I got fresh fruit instead of the fries, too much carb for breakfast isn't a good thing.

Service is good. The servers are really hard working people. Even though it's packed they really do a good job getting people their food and keeping water, coffee or orange juice filled.

I would go back to Fox's anytime. My favorite breakfast place in the area, even if it wasn't the first place my girlfriend and I went out.