Thursday, May 03, 2007

Changnoy/Little Elephant

2468 Whittier Blvd

I am amazed at the wide variety of ethnic restaurants in the city of Montebello. I've had everything from Chinese, Mexican, Persian, and Italian food in Montebello.

Changnoy is a good Thai-Chinese restaurant. I ordered my usual at Thai restaurants, tom yum goong, which is a spicy shrimp soup, $5.95, and chicken satay, $5.25.

The chicken satay was flavored with Thai spices. There was a nice lime taste to the satay. The chicken was huge. A very good chicken satay and what a great price.

The spicy shrimp soup was between mild and medium spicy. It was flavorful with tons of the green onions. But I thought the shrimp was good sized but a bit overcooked.

Service is below average. They took a long time to take our order. We asked for more water and that took at least five minutes. But they came quickly when we asked for the bill.

I would go back to Changnoy. The prices are good, though the service is bad. I can accept shrimp being overcooked in a soup. Of course I'm hoping it's a one time thing.