Sunday, May 06, 2007


20 City Blvd West

Located in The Block of Orange, Alcatraz has been around since The Block opened. They try to capture the spirit, landmarks, and sites of San Francisco. Too bad they can't capture the good quality food from SF.

I ordered the calamari and rock shrimp appetizer, $10.95 and the San Francisco crab melt,$11.95, on sourdough bread.

I thought the calamari and shrimp was too chewy and not fresh at all. I've never seen calamari served with a wasabi cocktail sauce. Interesting flavor but not as spicy as some cocktail sauces I've had with calamari. I did like the crunchy outside. But who really cares about a crunchy batter if the main part, calamari and shrimp aren't fresh and too chewy. The red stuff on the plate is actually ketchup. Why they would give plain ketchup for calamari is beyond me.

The crab melt was an interesting open faced sandwich. They mixed the crab with mustard, a very unusual taste. The spicyness of the mustard doesn't add to the flavor the crab. The crab is really imitation crab. Not exactly what you would expect and get from a SF area restaurant.

Service was pretty good. The server was nice and friendly. He made sure we had everything we needed.

I would not go back to Alcatraz Brewing Company again. The food is below average and I just don't think worth the price.