Saturday, July 01, 2006

Petrillo's Pizza Restaurant

Petrillo's Pizza Restaurant
750 W Route 66 # A,

This Petrillo's is different than Mama Petrillo's that I reviewed earlier. Petrillo's has been in San Gabriel since 1954 and they opened up a Glendora and Upland location. The Upland location was sold, and became Petrilli's Pizza.   But, the Glendora location is going very strong.

I decided to try the small, Petrillo's Speciality for $13.75. The speciality pizza has Italian sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, salami, garlic, onions and green peppers. While waiting for the pizza about five people came to pick up their phone orders. Everyone of them said the pizza is great and most of them have been coming to Petrillo's for years. One lady lived in the OC and made the drive to Glendora. I am shocked at the size of the pizza these people are taking out. A small is 12 inches. The medium is 16 inches. The large is a 15" by 20" sheet of pizza goodness.

My order arrives in about twenty minutes, which is about the normal time. When I pick it up, I am surprised about how heavy it is. It weighs about as much as a large at other pizza places. I then I have a piece and there is a lot of cheese. I like that. There is no reason to order extra cheese on this pizza. There are tons of sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, salami, and green pepperes. They do not cheat you out of any topping. The sausage is very flavorful and full of spice.

There were parts of the crust there were a little burnt but otherwise the crust, a regular crust, not too thick or thin, was good.

Service is good. Though I did call to get directions and it took them at least six rings to pick up and then I was asked to hold. So I hung up. But in the restaurant the service was good. There is a bell to ring for service and the server came after I tapped on the bell. She also answered a few questions I had, one of them being "Is this Petrillo's and Mama Petrillo's in Pomona, owned by the same person." No they are not.

I would go back to Petrillo's any time. Go to Petrillo's hungry and/or with a ton of people because they give you a lot of pizza. A great value and a great pizza. Maybe the best pizza in the area. I think it's better than Mama Petrillo's. The dining room and take out at Petrillo's are in two different areas. The take out is right next to the sushi place. Take out is open throughout the day, from 11:30 am. But the dining room closes at 2:30pm for lunch and opens at 4pm for dinner.