Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Smokey's BBQ-Closed

Smokey's Rib Factory BBQ
6131 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach

Smokey's is just south of the 91 Freeway, on Atlantic. They will be moving to Long Beach Blvd and Victoria within the next few months. It's clear to see why, since everything on their block is being torn down. I have been here once a few years ago and wasn't impressed with the ribs at all. But I was in the area and said what the hell, give them another chance.

I ordered a half a rack of pork ribs for $11.37. I wish I never ordered the ribs. They had the nice flavor and smell of lighter fluid. The ribs were dry and had a lot of fat. After eating two ribs I started to feel sick and just gave the ribs away to people walking by. The ribs were served hot and the BBQ sauce was very good with a nice balance between sweet and spicy.

The service is good. But when the food is bad, service really doesn't matter. I would not go back, even to their new location.