Monday, June 12, 2006

Claro's Italian Market-Closed

Claro's Italian Market
322 Glendora Ave.
West Covina

Italian Deli, sandwich.

Claro's has six locations throughout LA and OC. In the back they have a deli and you can order a small sandwich with up to 3 meats and one cheese for $4.49. I ordered a roast beef and turkey with provolone cheese with mayo, lettuce and tomato.

The Italian bread was nice and soft. That was the best part. The server put the meat and cheese on the scale and it came to .31 of a lb. which I don't think is enough. The meat and cheese wasn't good either. It was better than ToGos but which place isn't? I also thought the sandwich was dry as he didn't put enough mayo on the sandwich.

Service was poor. There were five people behind the counter all doing a lot of nothing. Even with that it took a couple minutes for somebody to say Can I help you?

I wouldn't go back, even if I was in the area. There are much better sandwiches places, including Von's.