Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Taqueria Azteca-Closed

Taqueria Azteca
2767 Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar

After having a great torta at El Gallo Giro in Santa Ana, I wanted to see how other Mexican places matched up.

So I went to Taqueria Azteca and ordered a carnitas torta and a pollo taco.

The torta didn't come close to El Gallo Giro. The carnitas, not that there was much of it, was dry and didn't have any flavor. Instead of nice fresh slice of avocado they had guamcamole, which was rather bland. The torta was also very small compared to El Gallo Giro.

The pollo taco was also very dry. The salsa was mild, which I like. But it's about the only thing I liked.

I wasn't impressed and I wouldn't go back to Taqueria Azteca. On March 28 they also had a B health department rating.