Thursday, February 23, 2006

El Gallo Giro-Santa Ana

El Gallo Giro
1442 S. Bristol
Santa Ana

I don't go to many Mexican restaurants. But when I want Mexican, I almost always go to El Gallo Giro in Santa Ana. They have good quality food at good prices. But the service can be and is slow most of the time.

I ordered a carnitas burrito and asada torta for $10.11.

The burrito has rice, beans, cilnatro, and of course the carnitas. The day I went and took the picture, the amount of meat wasn't as much as the couple times before. The meat was pouring out before tonight the meat was about a quarter of what they usually put on. But the carnitas is awesome, very tender and cooked to perfection. They put a little too much cilantro for my tastes.

The asada torta was very good, with fresh avocado, cheese, tomato, lettuce, beans and mayo. The fresh avocado really enhances this torta. It was great. The meat is usually good but again tonight the asada was tough and overcooked or it was in the warmer for too long.

At the Santa Ana location, there is one line for to order the torta and another line to order tacos, burritos etc. That can be confusing and most of the workers there speak little English, which can add further to the confusion. But most people there are friendly enough to help you. The great thing about the Santa Ana location is they are open 24 hours!!!

I do like going to El Gallo Giro but it wasn't up to it's usual standards tonight. I would go back but I want to go to their new location in Long Beach, on Long Beach Blvd and PCH.