Friday, February 24, 2006

Joey’s Bar B-Q-Closed

117 W.2nd St.

Joey's menu says Mesquite Charcoal and Hickory wood cooking, good thing they say cooking instead of BBQing. Joey's cooks their meat over high heat. They do not smoke their meats. But that being said, it is a very good BBQ place and one of the few options in the area, unless people want to drive up to Woody's or Red Hill BBQ. Joey's has three locations but I think the Pomona location, at the corner of 2nd St. and Garey, has the better surroundings. After eating you can walk around antique row and look at all the older brick buildings, wonderful architecture.

The porks ala carte is $6.50 and they are nice enough to give you a large piece of garlic toast. The ribs are huge, well worth the $6.50 price. There is a ton of meat on the ribs and they are nice and tender. Again the ribs are not smoked so they lack the smoke ring. But the ribs are very good but at times can have a little too much fat. A lunch portion of BBQ ribs is $10.75 and includes two sides. I usually order the corn cobbette and fries. Nothing special about either, so ordering the ribs ala carte maybe the better way to go. The BBQ sauce is a thick tomato base and too sweet for my tastes.

Good service and the meals are served quickly.

The Chino location has a singing Cowboy every Saturday. The Upland location is a little hard to find as they sign is kinda of hidden. But I haven't been to either of location.