Saturday, February 25, 2006

Zito's Pizza-Anaheim-Closed

Zito’s Pizza
726 State College Blvd.
Anaheim CA 92806

Zito's has five location in the Orange Curtain area. The Anaheim location is on State College Blvd, just south of Lincoln. I really like their pizza. Pictured is the meat lovers pizza, mini size (8inches) for $7.49. The pizza is topped with ham, bacon, mild Italian saugage, and pepperoni. The picture shows the saugage, ham and pepperoni pretty well but not the bacon. But there is bacon on there.

Zito's puts a lot of sauce on their pizza, which I really like. They also don't cheat you out of the toppings. There was enough meat on the pizza to make any meat lover happy. Prices are good and I would gladly pay an extra couple bucks to get a good quality pizza than a personal sized pizza from one of the corporate pizza places. Even largest size of the specialty pizzas are under $19.

Service is good and quick. A great place to stop in before going to a LA Angels or Anaheim Ducks game. I would gladly to go any of their other locations. Very good pizza.