Thursday, February 02, 2006

Red Rock Chili-Fashion Island-Closed

Red Rock Chili
401 Newport Center Dr.
Suite A 106
Newport Beach

Red Rock Chili is located in the food court at Fashion Island. I have heard so many good things about Cincinnati style chili but I've never had the chance to try Cincinnati chili. I sure as hell ain't going to Cincinnati since the city isn't a vacation paradise and I hate the Reds and the Bengals suck.

So when I heard about Red Rock Chili in Fashion Island, I knew I had to go and try it. Now Cincinnati chili is made with cinamon and it's not as spicy or thick as some other styles of chili. I ordered the chili dog with Cincinnati chili and the Red Rock Spaghetti with Cincinnati chili, cheese and onions. In Cincinnati that's called a three way.

First bite and I knew the Cincinnati Chili isn't for me. Just something about the spices doesn't taste right. Red Rock chili had nice pieces of ground beef in their chili but again I'm not a fan of the Cinncy style chili.

But the hot dog said it's suppose to be grilled, but this hot dog didn't have any grilled marks and was cold!!! Not a good start. They actually cut the hot dog in half and it's basically served open faced. Hot dogs are finger foods!!!

The spaghetti with Cinncy chili and cheese wasn't anything special. The spaghetti was cooked just right. Some places, Italian restarants being a strange offender, overcook their pasta.

The service is ok. The cashier tried to be a comic by asking if I wanted a picture taken with the food, after he saw me take a picture of the food. He got concerned when I told him why I was taking picture of the food. Maybe they should worry about getting the food right instead of being a comic.

While the Cincinnati chili isn't the kind of chili I like, I wouldn't go back to Red Rock. First the prices are high. The chili dog and spaghetti was $13.23. Yeah it's in Fashion Island and they give you a good portion it's still overpriced. Also the hot dog wasn't grilled at all and wasn't even warm.