Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chicago's Best-Closed

Chicago's Best
2540 Main St.

In my never ending search for the best Chicago style hot dog, I tried Chicago's Best in Irvine. Let's just say I'm still looking.

I ordered the Chicago Hot dog which comes with an order of fried and the Maxwell Street Polish. As always no peppers on my hot dog.

The hot dog comes and there were two peppers on top. It's not big deal to take them off but I do like to have food how I order them. The hot dog lacked any snap and flavor. It must be one of those no brand name hot dogs. The toppings were fresh but the hot dog is terrible. The hot dog could have been served a little hotter. The fries were just your average run of the mill fries/

The Polish sausage wasn't any better. It was overcooked just a little, biting into the polish you almost had to be have the power of a pit bull. The onions are suppose to be caramelized but they were barely grilled.

I'm not a big fan of Italian Beef sandwiches that make Chicago so famous. I rarely if ever order them at restaurants that serve Chicago style food. Maybe I should since I'm having a tough time finding a good Chicago Style hot dog.