Friday, October 14, 2005

Donahoo's Golden Chicken Ontario

Donahoo's Golden Chicken
1117 N Grove Ave,
Ontario, CA 91764
(909) 983-4319

Update August 26, 2012

I went back to Donahoo's and posted another review at The New Diner 2.

I have been to the Donahoo's in Riverside and Donahoo's in Pomona. So Today, June 30th, I went to Donahoo's Ontario location to see if there is any difference in quality. The owner in Ontario told me he's bought his store from the Donahoo's and has owned the store since 1965. I also found out that there are three Donahoo's. Pomona, Ontario, and Riverside. I ordered two breast pieces for about $4.30. The chicken was hot and fresh. But not as crunchy or seasoned as the Pomona location. But still good tasting chicken. I prefer the Pomona location. But I would go to the Ontario location again without any hang ups. Maybe later this summer, I will go to the Riverside location and post a review.

Update: Today September 26th I went back and ordered two breast pieces so I can take a picture. The chicken was a little undercooked. The older man wanted to take out the chicken about five minutes before the actually came out. I could tell just by looking the chicken wasn't done. Not a good thing for the chicken to be undercooked. Not sure if I would go back