Thursday, September 29, 2005

Patsy Kitchen

Patsy Kitchen
3641 Katella
Los Alamitos, CA

A couple stores down from Pittsburgh Chicken and Taters, is Patsy Kitchen. A wonderful place for a meat filled pasty. I ordered one small hot beef and one small hot chicken pasty. Both are filled with lots of potatoes but not much beef or chicken. The two patsys were about $4.75. You can also order them frozen and heat them up at home. The crust was nice and flaky and the pastys were nice and hot. I though the pastsys were good. But not a good valve. $2 for potatoes with some beef or chicken isn't worth it.

Friendly service and people. But be careful going in when it's over 90 degrees. They have no air conditionings and the ovens are turned on all the time, so combined that with the over 90 degree heat outside, you get a very hot and uncomfortable room.