Thursday, September 22, 2005

Chicago Harv's-Closed

Chicago Harv’s
410 E. Chapman Ave.,
(714) 871-0491

While Chicago Harv's may have started as a Chicago Hot Dog place, it now serves a wide variety of food. All hot dogs and burgers include a side order, fried, chili, salad, or rice. The hot dogs are all viena beef hot dogs. But they do not have the name of Chicago landmarks. No Comiskey Park Polish Dog or the Great Chicago Fire Dog. Pictured is the Chicago Dog without peppers for $3.22 tax included.

The hot dog has a nice snap to it. The toppings are fresh. Thought for my tastes they put too much relish.

A pretty good place for a Chicago style hot dog. Since it's located right next to Fullerton College there are many college students during the lunch rush. Burgers and the teriyaki bowls seem to be the most popular among the students. A nice place to go during the warm weather months as the girls are wearing next to nothing thus making the scenery much better.

A decent place to get your fix for Chicago style hot dogs. I will go back and try their burgers and teriyaki bowls. Maybe in May when the weather is warmer and the scenery will be better.