Friday, September 23, 2005

Windy C's Chicago Hot Dogs-Closed

Windy C's Chicago Hot Dogs
140 S. Mountain Ave.
Upland, CA. 91786
(909) 982-8273

About a mile north of the 10 freeway in Upland is Windy C's Chicago Hot Dogs. I wish the wind would blow this place away. The owner is one of the rudest person around. The hot dogs are small and overpriced.

Pictured is the Chicago dog for $3.61. As you can see the hot dog is pencil thin. The hot dog lacked any snap, flavor and was lukewarm at best. The toppings are fresh and the bun is nice and stemmed.

The place was empty when I got there. The owner was in the back doing whatever. I can see from the prices and terrible service why this place stays empty. I am very surprised it has stayed opened all this time.

I wouldn't go back.