Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Royal Buffet-Long Beach-Closed

Royal Buffet
530 E. 33rd Street
Long Beach, CA 90807

Off the Atlantic exit off the 405 freeway is Royal Buffet. A huge place with good food. Adult dinner is $9.99 which includes all the soda you want to drink.

The first picture is barbequed spare ribs and butterfly fried shrimp. Both very good. A nice crunch to the shrimp and a nice tender spare ribs.

The second picture is fried shrimp, chicken and broccoli, and seafood combination. The chicken and broccoli was very good. The turnover on most items is pretty fast and the means fresh food most of the time. The two times I had the chicken and broccoli, the broccoli was crisp and had a nice snap. The seafood combination had shrimp, immatation crab meat, and mixed vegetables. The sauce was a little too heavy but otherwise, I was very impressed.

One of the better Chinese Buffets I've been to. Their website has a $1 off adult meal. They also have a frequent diner card, where you get your tenth meal free.