Sunday, January 14, 2007

King Taco

King Taco
4504 3rd St

I first became aware of King Taco at Dodger Stadium. They used to make the tacos and I thought they were ok but nothing special. Of coure being sold at the stadium, it was also double the price. So I decided to give King Taco a try. They have tons of locations throughout LA. The Long Beach location was torn down and replaced by El Gallo Giro.

I went to the King Taco on 3rd St and ordered a carnitas and carne asada taco, $1.25 each. The carne asada tasted as though they had been in the warmer too long. Very tough and chewy. It wasn't well marinated either. The salsa added nothing to the taco.

The carnitas wasn't as tough as the carne asada but still not as tender as other places. Again seemed as though they had been in the warmer too long. I'm surprised because there is always a good crowd and it would seem as though they would have a good turnover on food.

Service is decent. It would help if they spoke English or I spoke Spanish. You place your order and a LOUD speaker will call you when your order is ready. But it can take some time for your order to be ready. I much prefer going to El Gallo Giro.