Friday, February 24, 2012

Woodstock's Pizza

Woodstock's Pizza
928 Embarcadero Del Norte
Isla Vista

About ten years ago I went to Cal St. Goleta, aka, UC Santa Barbara, for a basketball game. People told me I had to try Woodstock's Pizza and they said it was walking distance from the Thunderdump. Well, I go and try to find Woodstock's Pizza, but the nerds that fill up Cal St. Goleta didn't have a clue where Woodstock's was. I gave up trying to find it. But, today with the help of modern technology, I finally find Woodstock's Pizza!!!

What greets me at the front door of Woodstock's? A sign welcoming all Cal St. Goleta fans. Look a Cal St. Goleta's "Hamburglar" logo!! Anyways, there weren't too many people inside Woodstock's. I guess the nerds from Cal St. Goleta were still in class.

You may wonder I call UC Santa Barbara, Cal St. Goleta. If you go to a game between Cal St. Goleta and a Cal State school, the nerds at Cal St. Goleta will chant "State School," as a way to make themselves feel better because the were too stupid to get into Cal and Cal-LA. In other words the nerds at Cal St. Goleta have an inferiority complex. I've never heard that "state school" chant at Cal or Cal-LA, only Cal St. Goleta and Cal St. Bren-AKA UC Irvine. Oh, stupid Nauchos, Cal St. Goleta is a state school, since they receive state funds. Also, Cal St. Goleta, was actually located in Goleta, before the city of Santa Barbara annexed the campus.

I got a personal cheese pizza with wheat crust, $5.82. I've had wheat crust on a pizza at Michaelangelo's Pizza, and I loved it. The firmer texture of the wheat crust, is what sets it apart from the regular flour crust.

The amount of cheese for this personal sized pizza was amazing, I bet there was more cheese on this pizza than other places medium pizzas!! The cheese was melted nicely, gooey and chewy.

The sauce was a bit too tangy for my tastes, they could tone it down a bit, but it was very fresh.

Now, the price listed for a cheese personal pizza is $6.49. But, for some reason I got a discount, maybe for a wheat crust? Either, way a great deal for a very good quality pizza.

Service is very good. The guy who took my order was nice, friendly, and helpful.

If I ever go back to Cal St. Goleta, I would happily go back to Woodstock's Pizza. If I do, I just hope I don't run into the Naucho Loco's, the nerd, sorry I mean, the student booster group for Cal St. Goleta; State School, State School, State School!!