Friday, September 01, 2006

Michaelangelo's Pizza

Michaelangelo's Pizza
1331 E Chapman Ave
Fullerton, CA

Michaelangelo's Pizza makes a whole wheat crust that I love and provides great service that every restaurant should learn from. It's mostly a take out place but there are about eight tables to dine in. It's a fairly small place and it does get hot in there, especially during a heat wave like we're having now. I ordered a large Michaelangelo's Special for $20 that included a $2 off coupon. The Michaelangelo's Special has pepperoni, sausage, green pepper and mushrooms on a whole wheat crust.

The whole wheat crust has a much firmer, thicker texture than a regular crust, which makes for a great pizza. The toppings are piled high and are all good quality. The sausage has a mild flavor which I prefer. The pepperoni is also good with a nice flavor. The mushrooms and green peppers are fresh.

I really like the service. Make that I love the service. I was greeted with a smile when I walked into the restaurant. Other restaurants should take note, it was a teenaged girl who was very friendly and took her job seriously. She was helpful and very nice while she took my order. The guy who seemed like the manager, was very friendly and helpful. I asked for half the pizza with no pepperoni and he said no problem. After placing my order, I remembered that I didn't order a wheat crust. So I asked the guy in the kitchen if they could change it to a wheat crust, he said no problem and quickly went and made a wheat crust. Then I waited. The wait didn't seem any longer than normal for a pizza. But they kept saying "Sorry for the wait." I said not a problem at all. I got the pizza and they said "Thank you and have a good evening." That my faithful readers of The New Diner is what customer service is all about!!!! There wasn't any punk kid with an attitude. There wasn't a jerk kid who is just working to make money. What there is a bunch of good people who know how to treat customers. There was even a girl who had the night off and came to eat there but helped answer some questions for customers and gave a couple customers their take out pizza. I heard so many thank yous, I thought I was at Mickey's and Minnie's house. I much prefer supporting a privately owned pizza place like Michaelangelo's Pizza, where the food is great and the service is even better, than some corporate pizza place that doesn't give a damn.

I will go back to Michaelangelo's Pizza again and again, even if it is behind the Orange Curtain. If you eat there and are still hungry, there is a Ben n Jerry's Ice cream in the same strip mall. Nothing better than a great pizza and Ben n Jerry's ice cream for dessert.