Saturday, November 12, 2011

Old Town Mexican Cafe

Old Town Mexican Cafe
2489 San Diego Ave
San Diego

The third and final stop of my, Veterans Day tour of San Diego. Broken Yolk, and Kansas City Barbeque were the first two restaurants that I revisited. Ok, Old Town Mexican Cafe, is a tourist trap. All of Old Town is a tourist trap. But, a good friend, who has lived in San Diego for over 30 years, took me to Old Town Mexican Cafe about five years ago and I enjoyed it.

Old Town Mexican Cafe is known for their handmade tortillas! I made sure to take a picture of the ladies hard at work in the window making the tortillas.

I got a carnitas taco-$3.95 and fish taco-$4.95.

The carnitas taco was huge. The tortilla is thicker than other tortillas but, you can tell they are freshly made. The tortilla was firm and chewy, which I like and held up to all the meat and veggies. They are also made with lard, which just improves the taste, texture and flavor. Ok, so it isn't healthy. The carnitas were dry and kind of bland. I kept thinking they need to add some seasoning to this. It was a good sized portion, making the fairly high price tag, easier to swallow. But, the lack of flavor, quickly makes this an overpriced taco.

The fish taco is made with pollock. The fish was fried perfectly, a light crispy outside, a good amount of fish and not that thick of batter. The white sauce was very cool and refreshing. The cabbage and tomatoes were fresh. Not the best fish taco I've had, and among the highest I've ever paid for a fish taco, but a fairly decent value, considering the size of the fish and freshness of the toppings.

Service was very good. The server is well trained, he knew exactly what kind of fish is used, was friendly, and came to the table about 20 times, making sure everything was ok.

I know San Diego has to have some better Mexican restaurants, than Old Town Mexican Cafe, but if you're caught in the tourist trap, Old Town, it's not a bad place to try. Since I've already been there twice, I don't need to go back. But, I am looking forward to finding the best fish tacos in San Diego!!