Saturday, November 12, 2011

Broken Yolk Cafe

Broken Yolk Cafe
1851 Garnet Ave
San Diego

I headed down to San Diego on Veterans Day to see how a military city honors it's veterans. For those who do not know, San Diego has a huge military presence, mostly Navy, but all branches of our armed forces are in San Diego. College basketball hosted a game on the USS Carl Vinson beaten Michigan St. and North Carolina.

I figured I would go back to three places that I have been to before and do a review of each. The first place I go to is Broken Yolk in Pacific Beach. This is a very popular breakfast spot. Wait times can be 30 minutes or more, and people just keep coming. There are other Broken Yolk locations in the San Diego area, like San Marcos and Eastlake. I decided to make my trip to San Diego a food tour!! I would go to Kansas City Barbeque, and Old Town Mexican Cafe, on my San Diego food tour.

Daily special, two eggs-over hard, two strips of bacon, and two pancakes, $5.99. The eggs were fresh, but a bit overcooked. Eggs over hard, doesn't mean brown flakes on the outer edges. But the yolk was solidified, which is perfect. I hate runny eggs.

The bacon had a good smokey flavor, but wasn't hot, more like luke warm. I realize they aren't going to cook bacon to order, most bacon is cooked and stored in warmers. But, the bacon I got was luke warm. I was kind of chewy, not beef jerky chewy, but somethings along those lines.

The pancakes were light, fluffy and cooked perfectly. I'm usually not a pancake person, but they were part of the special and I ate them.

I sat at the counter and service was ok. The server was friendly but rarely there. They are so busy, she was running back and forth from the pick up window to other tables. But, I didn't get refills on my drink, she never asked how my food was, and just left the left without saying thank you.

Broken Yolk is your classic neighborhood diner. There is nothing great about the food. If you've been to Denny's, Broken Yolk is slightly better.