Monday, March 21, 2011

Pallazzo's Pizzeria

Pallazzo's Pizzeria
3228 Yorba Linda Blvd.

As readers of The New Diner know, I love broasted chicken. I couldn't believe a New York style pizza place served broasted chicken, so when I heard about Pallazzo's Pizzeria, I went right down for some pizza and broasted chicken.

Medium half pepperoni and half cheese, $11.99. My idea of New York style pizza is very thin crust, with the dough so think you can almost see through it. Lots of gooey good quality cheese and a sauce that is full of flavor but not that tangy.

The pizza at Pallazzo's Pizzeria, is much thicker than what I expect for a New York style pizza. The crust was pretty good for regular pizza but not New York. There was a ton of cheese, which I like, but it wasn't gooey and I don't think it's the best quality cheese. The cheese was more like the kind you get from a chain pizza place.

The pepperoni was also like a chain pizza place. Nothing special or great about it.

Two piece broasted chicken, $3.99. The surprising thing about the broasted chicken, you can get either white or dark meat for the same price.

The breast piece came out about five minutes after I ordered. It wasn't cooked fresh to order, but it had been cooked within 15 minutes of me ordering. It was hot, not pipping, out of the fryer hot, but hot. The skin wasn't as crispy or light as other broasted chicken I've had. The meat wasn't as juicy, really it was rubbery and bland.

Service was OK. The guy who took my order, who I believe is the owner, was pretty nice when I ordered. But there was a couple having pizza and he asked them about five times how everything was, but he only asked me how everything was, once, when I had basically finished eating. He had to pass by me, to get to the couple. At least he asked but why did that other couple get better service?

I would not go back to Pallazzo's Pizzeria, again, either for the pizza-which isn't really NY style pizza, or the broasted chicken.