Saturday, December 04, 2010

Original McDonalds

This is the original sign. One of two original items left from the first McDonalds.

This is the original storage and office space of the first McDonald's. The second original item left from the first McDonalds.

The city of San Bernardino, also recognizes it's place in history.

When the McDonalds brothers sold the franchise to the jerk, Ray Kroc, they gave up the rights to the "Golden Arches." The deal with the jerk, did NOT include the original location. Thus the jerk, was really upset that he was too stupid to have the original location included. So the McDonald brothers had to put a big M, on the store.

Original McDonald's
1398 North E St
San Bernardino

When I was looking at the map to find I went to Bobby Ray's BBQ, I noticed that Bobby Ray's was very close to the location of the first McDonalds. I knew the actual McDonalds building, which was an octagon shape, had been torn down years ago, but there is a McDonalds museum on the site. So I decided to drop in.

The McDonalds Corporation doesn't even recognize, this location as the first McDonalds. But true historians know this is where the McDonalds brothers started the chain, and Ray Kroc turned into a greedy corporation. What that jerk corporation considers "the first" McDonalds, is the first that was franchised and the ninth McDonalds ever built. It is in some dump city near Chicago.

The oldest McDonalds that is still in operation is the McDonald's in Downey, which is the fourth McDonald's ever built.

The museum is a blast. So much history. But something they are missing is the styrofoam containers for the Big Mac, Filet O Fish, and the Mc DLT!!! If anybody has those styrofoam containers, please contact the museum.

A brief history of this site, after the brothers sold the restaurant. Bakers-another start up burger restaurant, bought the site. The building was torn down, and a new building was built for a music company. The music company sold it to a performing arts company. The performing arts company, sold it to the owners of Juan Pollo, a fast food chicken restaurant. The owner of Juan Pollo, knows history and wanted to honor the site of the first McDonald's. So he created the museum.

This is a the actual piece of flooring at the original McDonalds.

This multi mixer is what got the jerk Ray Kroc, interested in how the McDonalds brother's business.