Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thai Basil

Thai Basil
2431 E Chapman Ave

I heard some good things about Thai Basil and decided to give them a try. Thai Basil is a very popular name for Thai restaurants. Any other restaurant named Thai Basil, has nothing to do with this Fullerton Thai Basil.

Chicken chow mein, $6.95, with chicken, green onions, baby corn, carrots, celery, and noodles. This was on their lunch special and I was surprised they included rice with chow mein. Oh well. I thought this was just OK,; lacking some flavor and seasoning. Portion was a bit small.

Shrimp with asparagus, $7.95. Very salty. This was also on the lunch special. The thing I remember the most is how salty this was. I needed so much water, after eating this. Baby asparagus with about 5 small sized shrimp. The shrimp was a bit overcooked, tough rubbery. The asparagus were cooked nicely but, as I mentioned before, so salty.

Chicken pad thai, $6.95. This is the first time I had pad thai. This had bean sprouts, chicken, crunched peanuts, egg noodles, and onions. This had a tangy taste to it, that I didn't care for. This may look like a big portion but there wasn't much chicken in here.

Service was pretty good. I got take out and the food came quickly.

I heard some good things about Thai Basil but I wasn't too impressed. Just the prices are good, but the portions are small and I didn't care for any of the three dishes I had. I would not go back to Thai Basil again.