Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Finbars Italian Kitchen

Finbars Italian Kitchen
620 Pacific Coast Hwy
Seal Beach

This location of Finbars used to be a Chinese Buffet, that closed down about five years ago. I went to Finbars about two years ago for their happy hour and thought the food was pretty good. So today, I was in the area and dropped by Finbars, to try their happy hour again.

Monday-Friday, Finbars offers a $5 happy hour menu- that includes, pizza, calamari, some pastas, and shrimp- in the bar area.

I got the coconut shrimp, $5, which was pretty good. The batter was filled with coconut, was pretty crunchy, and, while a bit thick, it was good. The shrimp was fairly good sized and sweet. This is a steal, six good sized shrimp for $5. It was served hot, I'm guessing they were sitting under heat lamps, until somebody ordered them.

Another steal is the calamari. A ton of calamari, again, not served hot, sitting under heat lamps, was good. Nice batter, not salty, crispy. The calamari was fresh. It wasn't rubbery and chewy.

The marinara sauce was mild, not spicy or tangy.

Service, at the bar, was very good. The bartender was nice and friendly.

I would go back to Finbars for their happy hour. I have not tried any of their Italian dishes but may give it a try.