Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bad to the Bone BBQ

Bad to the Bone BBQ
31738 Rancho Veijo Road #E
San Juan Capistrano

BBQ in Orange County, especially in South County, is oven cooked, drowned in sauce crap!!! But the jerk, pretentious people of OC think that's what BBQ is.

Bad to the Bone BBQ is a good, not great example of real BBQ. They smoke their meats with oak wood for long periods of time. It is a legit BBQ restaurant. Not the greatest I've had, but very solid.

Side salad. This was a small bowl of cut up romaine lettuce, a slice of cucumber, and a cherry tomato, topped with cheese. It was your regular standard salad. Chilled and fresh.

St. Louis spare ribs lunch, $12.95, with side salad and cole slaw. The ribs were a bit dry but had a nice smoke flavor. The was very little to no fat on these ribs, which means they were smoked for a long time and the fat melted away. Again a good example of real BBQ.

The cole slaw was a bit dry, they could have used more mayo, but tasty and fresh.

Service was OK. The major issue is the guy taking the order didn't understand English that well. I don't like baby back ribs and wanted the St. Louis ribs and it took forever to get that point across. But he did get my order correct.

I'm rarely down in San Juan Capistrano, after all I can't stand the pretentious jerk people of the OC, but if I was slumming in the area, I would go back to Bad to the Bone BBQ.