Tuesday, November 10, 2009

El Rey

El Rey
4547 Riverside Drive

A friend told me that El Rey has the best tacos and burritos in Chino. She was bragging about how great and cheap everything is at El Rey. So I decided to see for myself. Now I compare all tacos places to Taqueria De Anda because they have great tacos at great prices.

Well first thing I noticed was El Rey's tacos were $2.09. A bit pricey I thought. Ok I haven't been to Taqueria De Anda in over three years and I understand prices have gone up everywhere. But tacos for $2.09? And these tacos weren't that good. The tacos just come with meat, there is a large table of salsa and a few other veggies to top your tacos.

I got the chicken and carnitas tacos. The chicken was very interesting because the were onions and peppers in the chicken, like a fajita. But the chicken was dry, lacked flavor and just not good.

The carnitas tacos was the same; bland and flavorless.

I got a carne asada burrito, $5.99, with beans, rice, clinatro, and a good amount of tough, chewy, carne asada. The carne asada was so tough and chewy, it might as well have been beef jerky. It may have been good when it first came off the grill but it had been sitting on the steam tray for way too long. This burrito was just OK, nothing great and pricey!!

Service was OK. The girl was pretty nice when I got there and looked a the menu. But when I took my order she was a bit standoffish and really a bitch. But then when I was waiting for my food, I asked the cook what meats were on the steam table and he called that young woman over. When I asked what meats were what, she was nice and friendly.

I would not go back to El Rey again. The food is below average and a bit pricey. Give me Taqueria De Anda anytime!!