Sunday, September 20, 2009


3920 Grand Ave
Ste A

Pizzaioli is an Italian restaurant that serves fake neapolitan pizza. The best example of neapolitan is from Bollini's.

I got what Pizzaioli calls roustica, $13, with Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, mozzarella and marinara. Why is this fake neapolitan pizza? For one thing, to be neapolitan pizza, the pizza must be cooked in a wood burning oven. There isn't a wood burning oven at Pizzaoli. Also certain items must be used on the pizza. None of these items were used. This is just a thin crust pizza being sold as neapolitan pizza. Don't fall for it.

The thin crust pizza was just OK. It had a very thin, runny marinara sauce which was a bit sour. Not good. For the meats: the salami had a good flavor, the pepperoni was salty and burnt at some places, and the little amount of sausage on the pizza, was ok.

Service was below average. The hostess was too busy talking to the couple in front of us. Another hostess came up and asked "How many people?" Normally that wouldn't be an issue but the second hostess was standing at the bar talking to the bartender. Now it is bad business to make people wait when both hostesses are busy socializing, instead of doing their jobs. While it wasn't a long wait, it was not a good way to make a first impression.

The server did the bare minimum. Came by to take our orders, dropped off the food, asked if we wanted dessert and came by for the check. He wasn't friendly or helpful. I noticed he was like this for the other tables too. This guy needs to find another profession.

I would not go back to Pizzaioli. This is not a good example of neapolitan pizza or an Italian restaurant. But a great example of poor service.