Friday, August 07, 2009

Big Pop's BBQ and Grill

Big Pop's BBQ and Grill
10755 Glenoaks Blvd
Pacoima, CA 91331

Things I do not want to see at a place that calls itself, a BBQ restaurant; a grill, an oven, or a microwave. Why? Because when you make REAL BBQ, you don't need all those crap. Now some places will "finish" the ribs on the grill to heat up the ribs but ribs should really sit in a warmer or if they are put in the frig, they can be heated in an oven, not a microwave.

I found out about Big Pop's and I made my way over there. Walking in a nice smell of cooked meats fills the air. But upon closer look, the meats were on a grill!!! I got the St. Louis pork spare ribs plate, $11.99 with seasoned fries and mac and cheese. After placing the order, I saw the six ribs placed on the grill and some sauce brushed on to add moisture. I wasn't happy and not expecting too much.

The ribs had no smoke flavor. They say they do smoke the ribs, but no smoke ring, no smoke flavor, no seasoning/bark of any kind. They were pretty tender and had little fat. But I'm guessing they are cooked in an oven.

The fries were the seasoned fries variety and they give you a huge portion. The mac and cheese tastes exactly as the mac and cheese from KFC.

Service is very good. The nice college age kid was friendly and helpful.

I wouldn't go back to Big Pop's. The ribs were not smoked and nothing special. How they were rated the best BBQ by the Daily News, I'll never understand. Oh, wait I do. The readers of the Daily News are lily white and have no clue what real BBQ is.