Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chicago Pizza-Closed

Chicago Pizza
3332 S Bristol St
Santa Ana

The last Chicago style pizza place I have tried, Chicago Joe's, was a fake pretender. Chicago Pizza, in Santa Ana follows in Chicago Joe's footsteps.

The pizza served at Chicago Pizza is best described as thick crust pizza. It is not deep dish, Chicago style pizza. I got a medium, that was the largest size they had that day, mushroom and half sausage and half pepperoni, $9.45.

For what it is, the pizza is pretty good. A thick crust, lots of cheese, mushrooms, spicy pepperoni, and good sausage. There wasn't too much sauce on the pizza but the sauce was pretty good, nice seasonings and good balance. Not too sweet, not too spicy.

Service was OK. Nothing special but nothing bad either.

I would not go back to Chicago Pizza. The prices are good, about $10 for a medium pizza with a lot of toppings, but it is not good enough to make a special trip down there. If I was in the area, I may go. But I wouldn't go out of my way for it