Monday, March 02, 2009


1911 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles

I'll be honest, I am not a fan of the French, who I think are arrogant assholes. Then when those wussies didn't support Operation Iraqi Freedom, I said screw them. Screw the frenchys. I haven't really been to any French restaurant. But when I heard that Taix has been in LA since 1927 and offers a $18 filet mignon on Mondays, I decided why not? Plus I knew I was going to enjoy the company of other foodies, including some hotties.

So I got the filet mignon, $17.95, which comes with a baked potato and some broccoli and carrots. For $4 more you can get a veggie salad and a great blue cheese salad.

The veggie soup was awesome and I don't order soup that often. The soup was full of veggies, including zucchini, which I do not like, and some red beans. The soup was spicy, rich and hearty. A good example of homemade veggie soup.

The blue cheese salad was very interesting. A quartered head of iceberg lettuce drown in blue cheese. Oh was this good. Very fresh lettuce, blue cheese dressing which was very thick and rich, lots of flavor.

Then the main course, the filet mignon. I was worried about the quality and quanity of the filet but after one bite, all my worries were eaten away. The filet was soooo tender, sooo flavorful, it just melted in my mouth. I could have used a plastic knife to cut the filet. The bearnaise was very good, it added to the flavor of the filet. But I think next time I go, I will ask for the bearnaise on the side. I also thought the filet was a very good size, I would say about 6 to 8 oz. The steaks is a steal at $17.95.

Service was awesome. Bernard was our server and he has been at Taix forever. He knows how to provide great service.

I would go back to Taix anytime. Every Monday is their filet mignon special. They have a daily special, also for $17.95, I think the next time I go, I will try the roast pork loin.

Taix is a long time LA restaurant that everybody must try. A nice restaurant without being full of arrogant assholes.