Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Charley Brown's-Closed

Charley Brown's
909 San Gabriel Blvd

Charley Brown's used to be very popular in the 70's and 80's. But now this location in Rosemead maybe the only one left. Charley Brown's was Black Angus before Black Angus came to LA.

I came here for appetizers at the bar. I got the calamari, $7.95, and the chicken tender, $7.49, during happy hour. Happy hour runs Mon-Fri, from 4-7pm. Charley Brown's happy hour isn't that great. They do have a buffet with some veggies and some tacos. But their happy hour menu is seven items from their happy hour menu discounted to $7.49.

The calamari was OK. Nothing great. They were pretty crispy but too chewy, as if they weren't fresh. What was weird is that there were some machine made rings and pieces that looked like octapus. It doesn't bother me but I know it may bother other people. I would not order this again. The tartar sauce was awesome. A great tangy flavor and just awesome. I wish I could bottle their tartar sauce.

The chicken tenders were so small and dry, I thought this was McNuggets. There is nothing great about this appetizer. Why the would even serve this is beyond me.

Service was very good. There was only one server working but she was working her butt off. I wasn't lacking for anything.

If their appetizers are any indication of the quality of their food, I would not go back to Charley Brown again. They were good back in the 80's but judging by their appetizers, it's no wonder why most of their locations have closed.