Thursday, December 11, 2008

Taza Fresh-Closed

Taza Fresh
1220 S Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar

Diamond Bar lacks any Mediterranean restaurants. But about a year ago, Taza Fresh opened up, so Diamond Bar has a restaurant that serves kebobs. I should have gone much sooner but after read Mother May I, a really good food blog, I finally made it to Taza Fresh.

I ordered the chicken and ground beef kebob, $8.79, each and the top sirloin shawerma wrap, $4.49. The ground beef kebob was not good at all. Very dry, no flavor or seasoning and just bad. I wasn't happy, especially since they don't have regular beef kebobs.

But that quickly changed when I had the chicken kebob. The chicken was so fresh, so tender and so moist. A wonderful example of how kebobs should be. As the picture shows the kebobs are huge!!!! A great value, no a steal at the $8.79 price.

I thought the hummus was very good. Not sour/tangy like so many other places. But what I didn't like was the rice. There was no flavor and they use a cheaper long grain rice, instead of basmati rice.

Another steal is the top sirloin shawerma wrap, $4.49. I have never had shawerma because I thought it was ground meat. But much to my surprise this shawerma was wonderful. A ton of beef cut up into small pieces, with hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, and a garlic sauce. Just a wonderful combination of flavors. Better than a burrito.

Service was good. The lady was very nice and friendly, answering all my questions.

I would go back to Taza Fresh anytime. I went around 7pm on Thursday and there wasn't one person there. But there were a ton of people at the El Pollo Loco next door and a few people at the Round Table Pizza a few doors down. TERRIBLE. Wake up Diamond Bar, you have a great place that serves great food, at great prices. Why not support the local businesses and not the coporate chains.