Sunday, November 23, 2008

La Rocco's Pizzeria-Closed

La Rocco's Pizzeria
101 Main St #112
Huntington Beach

La Rocco's Pizzeria is a New York style pizza place. As with any NY style pizza, I compare everything to Village Pizzeria. La Rocco's is good, matter of fact damn good. But it doesn't rate as high as Village Pizzeria. It maybe the best NY style pizza place in OC but there really aren't that many NY style pizza places in OC.

I got their special, two slices and a soda, $6. I got a cheese and the Bronx special, pepperoni, meatball, sausage. The first thing I noticed is that the slices are smaller than Village Pizzeria. They reheated the two slices but they were barely luke warm, so they could have kept it in the over a little longer. But the cheee was damn good, good tasting sauce, crip crust but lacking the gooey cheese.

The Bronx special also had the same sauce, crispy crust and lack of gooey cheese but they had plenty of sausage, pepperoni, and meatball.

Since I had a whole pie from Village Pizzeria earlier this week, I only ordered the slices. Ordering a whole pie is always the way to go for a fresh pizza. I have had fresh pizza from La Rocco's before and it was good.

Service was OK. They had three guys, one who must be the owner, screwing around when I walked in. After a couple minutes one of them took my order. I know they want to get the hell out of there but come on. At least pretend you want to be there.

I'm rarely in that area because parking sucks and it's filled with a bunch of surfers. But if I was in the area, I would go back again. You can always eat your pizza and watch all the girls with silicon and botox during the summer.