Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Akasaka-Hacienda Heights

Akasaka-Hacienda Heights
14926 Clark Ave
Hacienda Heights

The night before Thanksgiving while people are getting drunk, I'm stuck at home doing nothing. The Hot Stove League is just starting and stupid owners are offering Constant Choke Sabathia, $140 million to choke in the playoffs. Scott Boros is making a fool out of owners who made millions in business by whoring his clients to the highest bidder. I can't wait for baseball season to start. It is suppose to rain but other than a sprinkle here and there no rain at all.

So I decide to try Akasaka in Hacienda Heights. I have been to Akasaka in Walnut, not good. But I heard good things about Akasaka in Hacienda Heights, so I had some high hopes.

Akasaka is set in a residential and industrial area off of 7th St and the 50 freeway. North side of Clark has wharehouses and industrial areas. Southside is houses and apartments. You can't really miss it.

I ordered the yellowtail sushi, $8.80, and the tempura shrimp hand roll, $7.70. The yellowtail sushi was aweful. Mushy, not fresh, no flavor, nothing. It takes a lot of gall to charge $8.80 for that. The portions were bigger than most sushi places but they weren't double the size, though they were double the price.

The tempura shrimp hand roll was also big. But again not fresh, the asparagas were mushy and just bad, the avocado was also bad. The only fresh thing was the rice. The shrimp had more tempura than shrimp but was OK. Not really worth the $7.70 price.

Service was OK. Though I did have to ask for water, three times and the table was very sticky when I sat down, like some kid spilled some soda.

I would not go back to Akasaka again. What a terrible sushi experience.