Monday, June 02, 2008

Trattoria Limone-Closed

Trattori Limone
3405 Orange
Long Beach

A fairly new restaurant in the Cal Height section of Long Beach, Trattoria Limone offers good Italian food at decent prices. It's a small place, hold about 35 people in their dining room. You actually enter into the counter/kitchen area. Yes I said kitchen.

I ordered the penne alla salsiccia, penne pasta with grilled chicken breast, sliced sausage, fresh peppers in a light pink tomato cream sauce, $15. This was an excellent dish with lots of chicken and sausage and penne pasta. The sauce was very light, not heavy and overpowering as some sauces can be. The penne was well cooked and the chicken moist and tender. The sausage was a bit tough and not that flavorful.

Service was very good. Our server was nice and friendly and always made sure we had everything we needed.

I picked up a menu in early May and they listed the price of the penne alla salsiccia at $14 and they used corkscrew pasta. Now on June 1, they raised the priceby a dollar and they use penne pasta.

A nice location, though parking can be a little tough, good food, and service makes Trattoria Limone a fine addition to the dining options in Long Beach. I would go back to Trattoria Limone but it was a bit loud in there.

Update July 30, 2008

I went back to Trattoria Limone and ordered the fettucine al compleano, $15, with andouille sausage, spciy tasso ham, peppers, chicken breast, shrimp in a light spicy cream sauce.

I loved it. All the flavors worked so well together. I was say it was a spicer, mild cream sauce. There were good amounts of sausage, tasso ham, chicken and shrimp. Well worth the $15 price.

Service again was good. I walked in and was greeted promptly. We didn't lack for anything while at our table.

Trattoria Limone is a great restaurant and I would go back there again. The next time I go back I may sit at the bar and watch John, the owner and chef, cook my meal.