Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maddalena Restaurant at San Antonio Winery

Maddalena Restaurant at San Antonio Winery
737 Lamar St

Maddalena Restaurant at San Antonio Winery is actually a fair priced restaurant. At most wineries, the restaurant is overpriced. The best part of Maddalena is that they really don't have a menu, they have each dish covered with plastic wrap and put on a table for people to view.

I ordered the rib eye sandwich, $9.69, which had sun dried tomato spread, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese on french bread. The rib eye was good sized but thin and it lacked flavor and had alot of fat. The french bread was toasted, soft and chewy. Very good. Overall the sandwich was average. Some good things, price, freshness, but some bad things, too much fat, no flavor. I didn't touch the potatoes.

This is basically self service. After looking at their menu, you place your order and the lady will put a sign with your item. Then you go further down the line to get drinks and the cashier. Depending on how busy it maybe, you will either be seated by a host or you can find a seat yourself. When I went, it was very busy and the host are right in your face or they come back behind you. I was in line still paying and the host comes up behind me and ask how many people in your party? I'm like back off man, don't come up behind me. He wasn't rude but he shouldn't come up behind people. After I finished eating, I didn't see any trash cans, so I just left my dish there.

I then asked the front office about hosting a wine tasting event. We went back into the restaurant to see one of the private rooms and my dishes were still on the table. Not sure why they couldn't clear the table, sooner. Oh well, not really my problem.

I wouldn't rush to go back to Maddalena Restaurant but I wouldn't mind going back and trying other sanwiches or salads.