Monday, January 28, 2008

El Atacor #11

El Atacor #11
2622 N. Figueroa Ave
Los Angeles

Porno Burrito. Potato taco. What are these? They are the items that made El Atacor famous or is it infamous?

The porno burrito is just a huge burrito, made with your choice of meat, I got the carne asada, beans, rice, sour cream, guacamole, and lettuce all for $5.99. The burrito comes wrapped in foil. It's good but the carne asada isn't the best. It has a lot of fat and is tough and chewy. I'll give you a guess as to why they call it the porno burrito.

Service is good. The lady working behind the counter speaks English very well and is very helpful, she answered all my questions.

The general idea for El Atacor is cheap eats. You're not going to get the best quality meat. It's OK but doesn't come close to the quality of meat at El Gallo Giro or King Taco. Don't expect much and you'll be happy.