Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yunnan Garden- Hacienda Heights

Yunnan Garden
1229 S Hacienda Blvd
Hacienda Heights

Yunnan Garden has been opened for four months. What's interesting is that before they did some renovations to the building, the same location used to house a restaurant, China Garden. But what's interesting is that Yunnan Garden has the same phone number as China Garen. Maybe the same owners using a different name?

Anyways I ordered the shrimp fried rice, $6.96, chicken and mushrooms, $7.95, and the shrimp with garlic sauce, $9.95. The shrimp fried rice came straight from the wok to our table, it was so hot. There were scrambled eggs, green onions, carrots and of course shrimp, which were a good size and there were plenty of them. This dish overall was good but I thought it was a bit too greasy. They could have used less oil.

The chicken and mushroom was a bit of a downer. They chicken was tender and thinly sliced but this was very bland. Not much flavor to this dish. I would not order this again.

I would order the shrimp with garlic sauce. This was a great dish. It's marked as hot but it wasn't that hot at all. They used some kind of red sauce and lots of garlic, bamboo shoots, green onions, red pepper and seaweed. It had so much flavor, just bursting with it. A steal at $9.95.

Service was pretty good. The place wasn't that crowded and there were three servers who came to our table. They were friendly and helpful.

I would go back to Yunnan Garden. The food and the prices are good. I think this place matches up to many of the Chinese restaurants in Rowland Heights.