Saturday, October 27, 2007

Woody's Wharf

Woody's Wharf
2318 Newport Blvd
Newport Beach

Woody's Wharf has a Sunday Champagne Brunch, where unlimited champagne comes with your meal. The champagne is actually pretty good. I hate dry champagne, the champagne they serve doesn't have that bitter taste. It's not too sweet but very flavorful.

So keeping in mind that champagne is included in the price of your meal, I got the turkey sandwich, $13.95. The sandwich came on a baggette with swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato. The sandwich was stacked high with good but not great turkey. It was fresh but nothing better than a supermarket deli turkey. The baggette was soft and chewy and had a nice texture. The lettuce and tomato were very fresh. Overall a good sandwich. Not worth that $13.95 price, even if that included champagne.

The service was average. When we got there, it wasn't that crowded. But people started coming in and by the time we left there was a 30 minute wait for a table. But even when it wasn't crowded our server wasn't the most attentive, we needed refills of drinks, not champagne, a couple times. They have somebody, I believe the hostess, coming around pouring champagne.

There is decent view. There is some water but the marina, with all the boats prevent it from being a great view. Valet parking only for $3.50. But when I arrived, there wasn't a sign and the punk kid, valet was nowhere to be found. When we walked towards the restaurant, he came up and said valet only. He needs to be more visable. Not hiding.

I would not go back to Woody's. The food is good but nothing overwhelming. But the prices are on the high side and even if you have a couple glasses of champagne, it's not worth the price.