Saturday, October 27, 2007

El Tepeyac Cafe

El Tepeyac Cafe
812 Evergreen Ave

The Manuel Special Burrito. Most people will known what that means. It's one of the biggest burritos I've ever seen. Named after the owner, the burrito must be five pounds. It feeds four to five people easily.

I ordered the pollo (chicken) Manuel burrito for $20. To go orders are priced a little more because of the costs of the packing materials. I mean you just can't put this burrito in those regular containers.

The burrito is good. There is a ton of white meat chicken, beans, rice, and guacamole inside the burrito. But was the best burrito ever? No. It's good, Mexican comfort food. The draw of the Manuel burrito is the size. Some people have eaten the entire burrito by themselves. But most people will split the burrito and for about $5 a person, the burrito is very good.

El Tepeyac is also known for their Hollenbeck burrito, which is just a smaller version of the Manuel.

Service is good. The server speak English very well and are very nice and friendly. The area is fine. Of course you won't see this area on post cards but I never felt any kind of danger and I went there at 9pm on a Friday night. El Tepeyac has a parking lot right next door. Nothing happened to my car when I was there.

They are building the Gold Line extension from Union Station through this area. So getting to El Tepeyac is a little tough, coming from the 60, as many roads are either closed or have reduced lanes due to construction. The construction is set to be completed by 2009.

I would go back to El Tepeyac if I was in the area. I wouldn't make a special trip just for El Tepeyac but if I'm going to downtown LA, I would stop by and eat here.