Saturday, October 27, 2007

South Coast Winery Restaurant-Closed

South Coast Winery Restaurant
3608 S Bristol St
Santa Ana

South Coast Winery of Temecula, opened up a restaurant and wine tasting room in Santa Ana, not far from the South Coast Plaza. The wine tasting is $10 for five pours. The servers give you more than a "taste", two tastes almost equal a glass. I love their sparking wines. Not dry but a nice refreshing taste.

As for the food, it's pretty good but pricey. I got the northern halibut. The halibut was a little overcooked, making it on the dry side. Some fish, like halibut are easy to overcook. But the halibut was fresh and putting on some of the salsa helped with the dryness. Was it worth the $30? Hell no. There were some small pieces of vegetables but nothing to write home about.

As an appetizer we ordered the cheese plate for $10. They had four kinds of cheese. Munster was the best and then they had three very bitter cheeses, blue cheese, Asiago and one other. Some people may like those sharp, bitter cheeses, but not me.

Service was very good. We had a party of 10 and we were served quickly and they were attentive. But then again there may have been four other people eating in the restaurant at the time.

I would not go back to South Coast Winery for the food. It's very expensive and the food isn't worth it. The food is average at best. I could get a better halibut at a better price at most other seafood restaurants.

The wines are great at South Coast. But the food leaves a lot to be desired.